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Let Apollo 3 Energy give a Free LED Lighting Assessment and Quote on your project.


Apollo 3 Energy Services offers a comprehensive approach to energy optimization and high-end lighting design with a turn key package available to our clients. The genesis of this strategy evolves from the understanding that in order to properly maximize savings a project must have a prioritized approach to implementation ensuring each technology is utilized to it’s optimum efficiency.


Our end game is accomplished with a group of specialists working as a team to assess and design a synergistic custom plan for each facility. Although there are similarities in facilities, each has their own thumbprint that requires individual design. We have taken great care to assemble a strategic alliance of highly skilled professionals and manufacturers each with decades of experience in various fields that encompass energy auditing, designing, engineering, financing and contractors.


Our approach to energy optimization on projects is “human-centric” in that although buildings are inanimate they are run, operated and in many cases cater to people who are sensitive to their environment. A well designed facility is integral to the overall success of a company. Moreover there are parameters that must be considered and met when constructing a viable plan that includes lighting, heating, cooling and over all administration of a facility.

Our goal is to pay strict attention to these constraints in design and seamless transition to energy efficient technologies enhancing the working environment. At the same time saving significant money in energy costs thus increasing the bottom line for our clients without them having expand their operation.



  • Identify clients wants and needs

  • Collect all relevant energy consumption data

  • Establish project lighting parameters

  • Design a strategy to minimize energy costs while maintaining proper light levels

  • Incorporate appropriate lighting applications



  • Motion/occupancy sensors

  • Daylight harvesting

  • Multilevel dimming

  • Color tunability


ENERGY REDUCTION:                                          

  • Complete energy analysis with compiled data

  • Outline current energy consumption and associated costs

  • Propose energy efficiency measures

  • Illustrate energy savings with proposed recommendations

  • Completed lighting audit with ROI and project feasibility


Lighting & Controls

When addressing energy reduction lighting accounts for a considerable amount of electricity consumption and significant cost to the overall operation of a facility. Moreover lighting is a complex issue in that it requires proper design in order to insure adequate light levels, suitable throw and spread for specified coverage requirements and sensitive color rendering to maintain a desired “look” for a variety of applications while dialing in minimum wattages for maximum efficiency.


With appropriate design working in conjunction with sophisticated sensors and controls daylight harvesting and load shedding strategies further enhance energy saving opportunities. Our professional team Is led by an expert light design coordinator with over 25 years of experience working with a myriad of commercial, Industrial and residential lighting projects.


The primary goal of business owners is to continually seek opportunities to increase revenues and reduce expenses to improve profitability. Our analysis seeks to discover hidden profits in our clients existing energy expenses for immediate positive financial impact.

Apollo3energy maps out “profit justified solutions”. Our primary intention is to offer pre-budgeted recommendations. We begin with the knowledge of a companies existing utility expenses, which is already budgeted, and utilize the savings realized from energy efficient solutions for funding projects.

There are also many financial methods available to augment existing currently budgeted savings that enable immediate implementation of our recommendations that don’t require capital expenditure and will generate profit immediately. We will work with your financial team to determine which available options best suit your organization.


Here are some of the common methods:


• Utility rebates or incentives

• Leases and loans

• Energy service agreements (ESA)

• Power purchase agreements (PPA)

• PACE (Property assessed clean energy)

• Tax incentives, Rebates, and Grants

• On and off balance sheet options

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